Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Love: In Word and Deed

"Love is the Oxygen of the Soul."
~ Tony Robbins

Recently, I lost a dear friend of mine, who died suddenly, at the age of 83.  She was like a second mother for me, as I had known her most of my life, beginning when I was ten.  In ways my own parents sometimes could not be, she had been wise counsel in my life.  She had been a teacher at my elementary school, and had attended the same church my extended family attended during my youth, in my California home town.  I had gotten to know her daughters, who were around my age: especially the youngest, who became like the sister I'd not had in my own family.  When I heard the news of Mary's death, feeling the shock, realizing the impact of this loss, and beginning to feel my own feelings of overwhelming grief, I immediately turned to her family, inquiring as to how I might be of help, comfort, and support.

Two different memorial services were planned, in two different cities: one in the NW part of the country, and one in the SW.  I was fortunate to be able to attend the one in NW Washington, which was closer to where I lived.  I made it a point to be there, to help out and be supportive, and show love in the ways that I could: by my presence, and in word and deed.

When the attendees were invited to share their thoughts and stories about Mary during the memorial service, I composed myself, and with a voice quavering managed to say:

          "I had the good fortune of having known Mary for 45 of my 55 years. She was the consummate friend:  an example of warmth and grace, kindness and love.  When I think of her, and her impact on the lives she touched, I'm reminded of a quote by Queen Rania: 'When you empower a woman, you empower a nation.'  I know that the impact of her professional and volunteer work, and the way in which she cared for, and interacted with her family and friends, have all had that ripple effect as a force for good out in our world."

Throughout the rest of the day, I offered a listening ear, lent a hand in the kitchen, shared stories I could remember about Mary, and gave of myself to hearts that were grieving, and extended my love to her family and friends.  And isn't this an example of what love truly is: being intentional in supportive ways and actions, when a person is in need?  When it's just plain the right thing to do: whether it be for a spouse or partner, family member, friend, acquaintance, or a fellow human being. It's the mark of a decent society, and points to the capacity we human beings have to rise to the occasion of being in service to each other, as it indeed takes a village, when navigating through this life.

My dear friend Mary demonstrated these qualities, too, and I'm disappointed she couldn't be here with us for many more years to come, as the world would truly have benefited. In her honor, and now in her absence, I choose to take on more of the qualities she held dear, and bring more of them to the world now, to honor her special life. With a grateful heart, I'm happy to have known her, and to have benefited so greatly, too.


-Hoyt Winfield

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

On Being Our Authentic Selves

"Once you accept and rejoice in your authenticity, you begin
to see things as YOU are.  You begin to see the authentic self
is the Soul made visible.  Godspeed on your journey to wholeness."

Sarah Ban Breathnach, has been one of my favorite writers over the last ten plus years.  Her books, Simple Abundance, and Something More:  Excavating Your Authentic Self, have been transformative for me.  For they invited me to look within myself, and to embrace the true, and unique soul therein.  

Often, I had been living my life from the outside in:  I would obsess over how I looked, what I wore, what I drove, where I lived, and over what degrees I earned, etc. I looked outside of myself to define who I was, and in an effort to find peace, happiness, and fulfillment.  Now I understand the value of inside out living, and coming from the true place of my soul.  And there is a real, and deep love for my true, authentic self now.  What a gift.  Now I can be about giving from my own uniqueness, giving that special gift of myself to the world and those around me, however large or small.  How might I be an authentic representation of who I truly am?

And for you?  Does any of this resonate as truth for your life?  How might you begin to explore living your life from the inside out:  From the place of your soul, and moving forward in giving the gift of your own special life?  One of my favorite quotes is by William James:  "The great use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it."  It resonates so strongly with me, especially when I became clear about who I truly am at the soul level.  And because of that, I can be about spending my life, from that place, on something that indeed does outlast it!  Bless you on your journey of continuous self-discovery.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Never Meeting Violence With Violence

We've been told the news of the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden. And we've seen many celebrating because of it.  We know we will never forget 9/11, but is celebrating another act of violence the best response?

Might we have considered coming together as communities and villages, but instead of celebrating, possibly lighting candles as a symbol of our unity as humankind, and praying together for peace: Holding the same intention together? After all, this dimension is malleable to our intentions:  Matter must obey consciousness.

My prayer is that we may find more and more ways to root out evil, (which is really the state of being misinformed at its core), and respond in ways to educate, and to promote acts of good will, in the face of any event, whether it be of the light, or of the darkness.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Creating Peace In Our Own Corner Of The World

It has been a very unnerving time as of late in this country, due to the proposed Koran-burning action scheduled to take place this Saturday evening, September 11th, 2010, by Florida pastor Terry Jones and his handful of followers. Can this man be so out of touch as to how peace is created and maintained? An action such as this will only incite violence. Our national psyche was forever altered after the events of September 11th, 2001: No doubt. However, we must never meet violence with violence, or advance behavior and actions that would invite it. A nonviolent future begins within each one of us. Love and hate cannot exist together. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ghandi knew this most certainly, as they were about creating a better world, and working for a nonviolent, peaceful future.

I'm grateful for those attempting to broker peace in our suffering world today: Bless you. May we all look within ourselves and bring our own efforts toward creating peace, so that those we encounter are transformed in our very presence, in our own corner of the world, to act in more humane and peaceful ways. May we fully understand how our own actions either create peace, or destroy it.


-Hoyt Winfield

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Musings About Spiritual Truth

As I begin this new month's post, it is with pure wonder at the wisdom of the Sacred Universal Presence, and its ability to orchestrate, and bring to one's consciousness, the insights needed in this life, at precisely the right time.

Recently, I heard a quote that bears repeating, albeit a long one, by Emma Curtis Hopkins: "It is natural for our mind to love truth. 'What is truth?', asked Pilate of Jesus. Whether he spoke jestingly or scornfully or sincerely makes no difference, the fact remains that every man, woman and child would like to know what is really true. There is, even in the mind of the most devoted religionist, always a doubt as to the absolute truth of what he is talking about, when he tells that God was so angry with the world that His Only Son had to take the part of a scapegoat of the Jews, in order to pacify Him for the world He had made having turned out so badly. It seems strange to see educated, noble looking men, standing on high platforms and proclaiming such a childish-acting being as the Jehovah of Goodness. They doubt it in their secret hearts. But nobody doubts that the free fine Spirit that breathes intelligence through the rocks and through mankind is God. This is Truth."

I was so struck by this passage, and so affirmed in my understanding of the Bible as NOT the inerrant word of God, but more the inspired words of the various writers about this presence. Indeed how foolish to believe that this power would need to create a world for its own pleasure, only to turn on it and reject it, several times over, and finally resort to impregnating a woman to bear a male heir, only to have him slaughtered in order for all humankind to once again become acceptable! What a story! But, on balance, not to diminish the numerous pearls of wisdom found within this ancient text.

To dovetail onto what I shared last month, from the book, The Zen of Oz, by Joey Green, each character represents an aspect of God's character: Dorothy, (every one of us, on our own journey in life); the dear Scarecrow, (in truth searching for God's wisdom); the sensitive Tin Man, (seeking God's love); and the fearful Lion, (while pursuing courage, we discover he really is seeking to connect to, and align with, God's power). And these concepts and aspects are mentioned with passion and inspiration within the pages of the Hebrew and Christian Testaments.

So, given what I've shared thus far, what strikes you about the concepts laid out by Joey Green and Emma Curtis Hopkins? I believe them to be quite the insightful modern-day sages. I know as I journey in my human experience, sometimes confidently persevering down my own yellow brick road, and sometimes not, I have to periodically examine what I believe to be "the truth", and add and discard what I believe to work and no longer work: what truly best serves me, and what no longer can. And this I know for certain: there is one power, one presence, to which ALL can connect, as if one source via several wells, (spiritual paths).  And we can partner with the Sacred's wisdom, love, and power, as we negotiate the twists, turns, and forks on our paths, reminding ourselves to always journey from our own unique identities, which is God-given, and bring this unique aspect of God, in partnership, to all that we pursue, attempt, and accomplish, to all with whom we establish a relationship, and in all that we dream for our futures.

With sincere reflection and reverence. . .


-Hoyt Winfield

At The Well Of Providence Blogspot

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Opening Post

Hello everyone, and welcome!  Having been interested in spirituality, and in writing, all my life, I find myself in awe at the chance to explore both, and to invite participation from other kindred souls of like mind in a venue such as this.  It's bliss indeed!  I hope to connect with those seeking, with the same earnestness, to evolve spiritually.

After reading, The Zen of Oz, by Joey Green, back in 1999, and Gary Zukav's, The Seat of the Soul, soon after, I embarked on a new path on my spiritual journey, and have expanded my understanding of the Sacred Universal Presence, to whom we have heard referred to as God.  Having been raised in fundamentalist Christianity, I embarked on a college degree at NW Christian University in 1980.  After graduation, falling in love, and moving to Portland, Oregon, I postponed my plan of attending seminary at Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, California.  Maybe one day yet, I will pursue a more methodical and structured approach to this new found spirituality, but for now, I would be interested in hearing more from others in their quest and seeking, and finding:  answers, questions, concepts, and spiritual tools and practices, that have been useful, or maybe in some cases, not so useful.

So, again, welcome, and I look forward to a truly enriching experience.  Blessings and peace.


-Hoyt Winfield

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