Sunday, April 12, 2009

Musings About Spiritual Truth

As I begin this new month's post, it is with pure wonder at the wisdom of the Sacred Universal Presence, and its ability to orchestrate, and bring to one's consciousness, the insights needed in this life, at precisely the right time.

Recently, I heard a quote that bears repeating, albeit a long one, by Emma Curtis Hopkins: "It is natural for our mind to love truth. 'What is truth?', asked Pilate of Jesus. Whether he spoke jestingly or scornfully or sincerely makes no difference, the fact remains that every man, woman and child would like to know what is really true. There is, even in the mind of the most devoted religionist, always a doubt as to the absolute truth of what he is talking about, when he tells that God was so angry with the world that His Only Son had to take the part of a scapegoat of the Jews, in order to pacify Him for the world He had made having turned out so badly. It seems strange to see educated, noble looking men, standing on high platforms and proclaiming such a childish-acting being as the Jehovah of Goodness. They doubt it in their secret hearts. But nobody doubts that the free fine Spirit that breathes intelligence through the rocks and through mankind is God. This is Truth."

I was so struck by this passage, and so affirmed in my understanding of the Bible as NOT the inerrant word of God, but more the inspired words of the various writers about this presence. Indeed how foolish to believe that this power would need to create a world for its own pleasure, only to turn on it and reject it, several times over, and finally resort to impregnating a woman to bear a male heir, only to have him slaughtered in order for all humankind to once again become acceptable.  What a story! But, on balance, not to diminish the numerous pearls of wisdom found within this ancient text.

To dovetail onto what I shared last month, from the book, The Zen of Oz, by Joey Green, each character represents an aspect of God's character: Dorothy, (every one of us, on our own journey in life); the dear Scarecrow, (in truth searching for God's wisdom); the sensitive Tin Man, (seeking God's love); and the fearful Lion, (while pursuing courage, we discover he really is seeking to connect to, and align with, God's power). And these concepts and aspects are mentioned with passion and inspiration within the pages of the Hebrew and Christian Testaments.

So, given what I've shared thus far, what strikes you about the concepts laid out by Joey Green and Emma Curtis Hopkins? I believe them to be quite the insightful modern-day sages. I know as I journey in my human experience, sometimes confidently persevering down my own yellow brick road, and sometimes not, I have to periodically examine what I believe to be "the truth", and add and discard what I believe to work and no longer work: what truly best serves me, and what no longer can. And this I know for certain: there is one power, one presence, to which ALL can connect, as if one source via several wells, (spiritual paths).  And we can partner with the Sacred's wisdom, love, and power, as we negotiate the twists, turns, and forks on our paths, reminding ourselves to always journey from our own unique identities, which is God-given, and bring this unique aspect of God, in partnership, to all that we pursue, attempt, and accomplish, to all with whom we establish a relationship, and in all that we dream for our futures.

With sincere reflection and reverence. . .


-Hoyt Winfield

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