Sunday, March 8, 2009

Opening Post

Hello everyone, and welcome!  Having been interested in spirituality, and in writing, all my life, I find myself in awe at the chance to explore both, and to invite participation from other kindred souls of like mind in a venue such as this.  It's bliss indeed!  I hope to connect with those seeking, with the same earnestness, in order to evolve spiritually.

After reading, The Zen of Oz, by Joey Green, back in 1999, and Gary Zukav's, The Seat of the Soul, soon after, I embarked on a new path on my spiritual journey, and have expanded my understanding of the Sacred Universal Presence, to whom we have heard referred to as God.  Having been raised in fundamentalist Christianity, I embarked on a college degree at NW Christian University in 1980.  After graduation, falling in love, and moving to Portland, Oregon, I postponed my plan of attending seminary at Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, California.  Maybe one day yet, I will pursue a more methodical and structured approach to this new found spirituality, but for now, I would be interested in hearing more from others in their quest and seeking, and finding:  answers, questions, concepts, and spiritual tools and practices, that have been useful, or maybe in some cases, not so useful.

So, again, welcome, and I look forward to a truly enriching experience.  Blessings and peace.


-Hoyt Winfield

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